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Ultimate guitar learning kit

Sunday, June 25, 2006

A treatment for good skin

and I used to have acne several years ago.
After accutane. I don't get it anymore. however I do still get the
occassional spot. I manage to keep those under control with a little
cream. and surprise surprise. my skin still feels rough. I still look older than I am. and I
was wondering what my options are. Can you recommend some good
treatments that I can use regularly to help give my skin that old
cliche. I've heard of various products like Aqua Glycolic. which sounds very
extreme. and also vitamin E creams. I don't know if
these will actually do the trick for my skintype which is dry at times.
greasy at other times.
I don't want to spend money on something that hasn't been
clinically proven. because there are lots of dodgy products in the
cosmetics industry.
I once found a vitamin E cream which did a great job.but the company
stopped making it. So. Preferably one that's either
available in the UK.


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