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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Grossest zit issue EVAR!

last week I was trimming my nosehairs. A day or two later I notice that
I have a pimple forming inside my nose. aggravating because it's not easy to
pop and the nose is a sensitive area. but it's not visible so it's not a
major deal. Well. It keeps getting bigger and bigger. and I assume I trimmed
a little to close and somehow got an ingrown nose hair. Yikes! How the heck
am I going to dig that out? At this point the pimple is so big that my left
nostril is almost completely shut. Additionally. it's gotten so big that
it's protruding from the external side of my nose. Yikes. A huge purple-red
zit on my nose that I have no way of dealing with.
I keep lathering on the zit cream. but all that does is cause it to
peal. Today I notice. on the external side. a bit of a whitehead with a
black speck. Seeing my opportunity. I sterilize a needle and pop it. And
what come out? A nosehair squirts out from the external side of
my nose. Eeek! This had to be the biggest. grossest pimple I've ever had. ever will have. How the hell does a nosehair come out of
the wrong side of your nose?


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