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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Naturally Remove Scars

My wife had a serious laser burn from a hair removal procedure. She has
been using this product to help the healing and scar reduction. Her
dermatologist is interested in the product as well because of the
positive results she has had.

Grossest zit issue EVAR!

last week I was trimming my nosehairs. A day or two later I notice that
I have a pimple forming inside my nose. aggravating because it's not easy to
pop and the nose is a sensitive area. but it's not visible so it's not a
major deal. Well. It keeps getting bigger and bigger. and I assume I trimmed
a little to close and somehow got an ingrown nose hair. Yikes! How the heck
am I going to dig that out? At this point the pimple is so big that my left
nostril is almost completely shut. Additionally. it's gotten so big that
it's protruding from the external side of my nose. Yikes. A huge purple-red
zit on my nose that I have no way of dealing with.
I keep lathering on the zit cream. but all that does is cause it to
peal. Today I notice. on the external side. a bit of a whitehead with a
black speck. Seeing my opportunity. I sterilize a needle and pop it. And
what come out? A nosehair squirts out from the external side of
my nose. Eeek! This had to be the biggest. grossest pimple I've ever had. ever will have. How the hell does a nosehair come out of
the wrong side of your nose?

Herbal and Vitamin acne treatment

Many people have had success using vitamins and herbal remedies
against acne. A new product. combines the most effective
all-natural ingredients in a formula that combats acne before it even
We can offer aqueous or total standardised herbal extracts for various
products in Food. Medicinal and Cosmetics sectors as per WHO
guidelines. Features of our Products: Authentic Herbs.Free from heavy
metals and microorganisms

ACNOPE – Herbal Skin Care

Acne is one of the most common skin problems in people across the world. Acne leads to severe skin irritation and infection if not treated properly. Acne leaves black spots on the face and neck; it may lead to more infected skin too
ACNOPE 'C Herbal Skin Care: Acnope Cream is a combination of selected natural ingredients effective in the treatment of acne and pimples. Acnope starts its action immediately on application and visible benefits of Acnope in resolving acne and pimples is evident within a week of application. Acnope clears the blemishes of acne and pimples and makes the skin naturally attractive and good looking.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

A treatment for good skin

and I used to have acne several years ago.
After accutane. I don't get it anymore. however I do still get the
occassional spot. I manage to keep those under control with a little
cream. and surprise surprise. my skin still feels rough. I still look older than I am. and I
was wondering what my options are. Can you recommend some good
treatments that I can use regularly to help give my skin that old
cliche. I've heard of various products like Aqua Glycolic. which sounds very
extreme. and also vitamin E creams. I don't know if
these will actually do the trick for my skintype which is dry at times.
greasy at other times.
I don't want to spend money on something that hasn't been
clinically proven. because there are lots of dodgy products in the
cosmetics industry.
I once found a vitamin E cream which did a great job.but the company
stopped making it. So. Preferably one that's either
available in the UK.

I cured my acne condition in 3 days

It all started when I was fifteen years old. Like an ugly shadow. it
followed me around for the next ten years.
It defied every dermatologist and their expensive prescriptions.
treatments with over-the-counter products. ongoing six a.m. antibiotics
that created nausea beyond belief. and even Accutane - the "Miracle
It was Acne and it was NOT my friend. It stole my self-confidence and
made me think and feel that there was something wrong with me. After
ten years of constant emotional battle. I finally found a different and
viable solution to this common problem. I must admit. I was very
skeptical at first.
I didn't think I would EVER get rid of the acne that had tormented me
for so long. However. I desperately wanted to feel better about myself
and I wanted the acne GONE - so. I woke up and made the slow walk to my bathroom mirror. I
walked in with my eyes closed. and when I opened them. my jaw dropped
to the floor! I know that what I am about to reveal to you can be almost
impossible to believe. But it is 100% truth!
I am about to let you in on a little secret that cured my acne in 3
days. without any harsh prescription drugs or over-the-counter
products. and changed my life forever.
I'll show you the fast and easy way to get rid of your pimples.

Taking skin analysis to the next level

Taking skin analysis to the next level. What you can't see will
surprise you. Improve your skin's appearance and health. Your face is a
portrait of your personality. It's the First thing people notice about
you. Don't you want to look as vibrant. and radiant as
possible? It's easy to take our face for granted. Every day it is
exposed to the sun. and other environmental damage that isn't
visible to the naked eye...yet. Would you like to take a closer look
and really see your face? Introducing a weapon that helps identify your
skin conditions Using SAM's state-of-the-art science. technology and
perfectly tailored skin care products. you and your skin care
consultant will see your face in a whole different light. By
illuminating the face in a special light. SAM may reveal what the naked
eye can't detect: fine lines.
and more. SAM's dual observation site and magnifying mirror help both
you and your skin care consultant discover problem areas just under the
skin surface ' Skin Analyzer Magnifier Machine ' A sophisticated.
mobile tool that uses a fluorescent black light with a magnifying
mirror for analyzing the skin ' S.A.M. causes the skin to look
fluorescent (resembling a photo negative) with various conditions of
the skin appearing to radiate various colors Ready to take control? By
understanding the factors that affect your skin and stepping in to make
sensible changes in your habits and lifestyle. and in
some cases even defeat. some of your skin's most determined enemies!
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Friday, June 23, 2006

Side effects of accutane...

and i'm having trouble with dry lips.
I'm using Aquaphor and NeosporineLT. howerver i have little cuts on
both sides of my mouth that don't go away. i've had it for like a week
and a half now. Any ideas on what I can do to speed up the healin
proccess would be appreciated. or if I have to tolerate them I would
like know.

Edgar Cayce's Acne Treatment

I developed multiple sclerosis in 1991 and. over a two year period.
gradually overcame it using an alternative treatment suggested by Edgar
Cayce. a man many regard as the father of modern holistic medicine.
Cayce also suggested a promising alternative treatment for acne. For
more information.

Dealing with Whiteheads?

Whiteheads are little white bumps. that can't be squeezed very easily
out. I have a couple on my face. I actually used to use a pin to
get them out... any new ideas? I don't like them and it seems like the
easiest way is with a pin!
I'm new. I'd like to share my experience with seborrheic
keratosis-- brownish bumps that appear on the truck as we age. Benign
tumors that can take several forms. About 10 years ago
I noticed them on my back. rough brownish raised areas. and doctors
began to freeze them off. But as time passed they got out of control.
Finally. the doctor would say. there are just too many.
a new dermatologist said she'd had some luck using retina
(tretinoin) against seborrheic keratosis. so I tried that. I put retina
all over my back and stomach every night. It was amazing.
I was allergic to the retina. so I had a huge oozy weeping
mess. rather like poison oak. She gave me cortisone cream to tame that
down. and I'm allergic to cortisone. then another cream Elidal? And I
was allergic to that. But after about a month. and this is interesting.
my skin adjusted to the retina.
the retina seemed to bring forth hundreds of keratosis that
were not even previously visible. I scratched at them. so soon I infections all over myself.
When I tried using Neosporin or polysporin to help clear up the
infections. I turned out to be allergic to Neosporin and polysporin.
It took me several months of retina use to clear out all but the most
stubborn tumors. What a mess. Still. I felt much better. My stomach
was entirely clear. Several areas of my back were entirely clear.
Thousands of little and big tumors were gone. and there was no scarring.
Still. about a hundred were left. many along the backbone.
I am now on what I call my second round with the retina. trying to get
the most stubborn tumors out. This time I'm taking tetracycline and the
infections clear right up. Still it is a slow process.. and some of
these tumors are so deep and big and "woody" I am not confident that
I'll ever get them out. They've probably been there for 20 years.
I'm wondering if anyone else has tried to eradicate seborrheic
keratosis? Surely I am not the only one who has tried? would you please share any secrets of success or what didn't
work? My dream is to have nice creamy skin again on my back and

Professional Estheticians

she deserves the free plug. My question
is. I am about to move more towards the Atlanta area and I was
wondering if there were any Skin Clinics that anyone on this listserv
may know about in that area that I could start to go to.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


The blemish buster. it works like magic! Heal and Conceal covers up
blemishes while it fights to quickly dry up the imperfection. Contains
the healing agent "Tea Tree Oil. a natural antiseptic. We offer free articles on Cosmetics and skin care. make-up tips
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extra retin-a if you need it

Please do not flame me for trying to make a few bucks. this is a sweet
deal. I have had acne just like you and been on courses of accutane.
had obagi blue peels. microdermabrasions. and keep in mind retin-a = tretinoin and
accutane = isotretinoin. so this is basically topical accutane. it
works very well for fine lines. and discolorations. I use it
myself. I recommend cetaphil . as this is the strongest moisturizer
you can get OTC. and vitamin-e supplements. otherwise you will have
dryness problems. Cheers.

My acne treatment

I thought I share my own experience with my own acne problem. Like all
teenagers. I had my share of acne but that disappeared when I grew
older. But strangely. my acne returned suddenly. It was a
mild to moderate acne problem.
I tried washing my face and used skincare products but none helped. I
noticed washing my face made my acne worse! So I stopped that. other
than a splash of water in the morning and night. I then tried natural
remedies for 6 months. This was what I took regularly on a daily basis:
These are rather high dosages but I took them daily without fail. In
addition. I also cut down my sugar and bad carbohydrates intake. I even
took up regular exercise and detoxed once....But all my efforts were in
vain. My acne continued even past 6 months after I started my strict
I then heard about egg treatment and decided to give it a go since eggs
are cheap. I applied the egg yoke daily before bed for 1 month. then
cut down to once every two days for the next month. then reduced
further to once every week after that. The eggs have been a miracle for
me. My acne has since gone though one pimple might pop up once in a
while. but I dare say this is a 95% improvement. I also tried egg white
but do not notice any difference in its effectiveness against egg yoke.
I started to see an improvement after 1 month of daily egg yoke
application. Pimples will still prevail during that period. but the
improvement I saw was lesser and smaller pimples. My face also
gradually became less red but that took about 2-3 months.

Where to get Glycolic Acid products?

I've scoured the shelves at Wal-Mart and saw no Glycolic Acic products.
The 10% AHA solution. or whatever. Wal-Greens had Alpha-Hydrox and than
a "cheaper" $6 product.
Do any other places have Glycolic Acid products? I've yet to see any
other products at the stores. Anyone know of some product lines?

Skin regime Question

I usually use a product that is 2.0% Salicylic Acid (a wash) and a
Benzyl Peroxide 10% cream. Then a moisturizer with the sync oxide. In
the shower. I'll use a normal face wash such as the ones by Clearasil. I haven't been able to find an affordable Salicylic Acid 2.0% cream to
rub on my face. I do this with the Benzyl Peroxide. Any ideas which is
better? BP is good for spot treatment.
Should I add a Glyic Acid/Alpha Hydrox moisturizer to this? I've yet to
find a moisturizer that includes Gylic Acid. I know Alpha Hydrox
products do. but they are expensive.

have you tried a none name brand of Salicylic Acid?
Eckerd's brand is usually pretty cheap.

I STILL have industrial strength oily skin and
acne. Here's what I use and what works for me...it's not advise. but
after lots of trial and error since the age of 11. I gently wash with Dial soap and luke warm water (never scrub!).
In the morning it's Stridex Triple Action. Maximum Strength (Alcohol
Free!) applied gently. I wait a few minutes and then apply a
moisturizer that works...currently I am very in love with Aveeno Daily
Moisturizer. Ultra-Calming SPF 15. I've only been using it for three
months or so. but my skin really likes it ALOT. In the past I've used
others that work for me as well. like Rachel Perry Visible Transition
10% Alpha & Beta Hydroxy Serum with CoQ-10. Alpha Hydrox Oil-Free
Formula. and good old (and cheap.) Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion.
At night. after washing again with Dial. I use Oxy Maximum Acne
Treatment and the moisturizer. I apply a little bit of the Oxy Benzoyl
Peroxide 10% in the palm of my hand and then squeeze on an equal amount
of the moisturizer (like the Aveeno). I mix it well with my finger
from the other hand and then apply. Works like a charm. You may want
to experiment a little until you get it just right for your skin. but
for me NOTHING but 10% benzoyl mixed with equal amounts of moisturizer
does the trick. And don't even get me started about those 2.5%
products. No clue what that's about. but my face no likey. No way. I
might as well be putting spit on my face. lol
There you are. my friend. My two cents worth. Again. not advice but
only my habits...or regimen. if you will. I have tried everything
friggin thing under the sun and this routine is what does it for my

to Thermage or not?

I have recently reconsidered getting the Thermage treatment. I am
petrified of knives and needles. and from what I hear it is a fairly
easy process. However. I have looked at old posts and some people have
complained. but I figure everyone complains even if they are just
slightly disappointed in the results.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Common skin diseases?

Have anyone yet tired Colos'osmetics & skincare?
I have been for 2 months they are good... I no longer have I no longer
had problems with black heads. excess oil or pimples!
excess oil or pimples!


This is my first posting to this group. I have been on accutane now
for just shy of three months. I started on 20 mg the first month. 40
the second and am now up to 60 mg a day. I felt like after the first
month I saw a bit of a difference but was on a steroid with it as well.
I was taken off the steroid after the first month and now feel like my
results aren't what I expected. It appears to be a little bit improved
but I am still breaking out from time to time. Can anyone else share
their accutane experience? I am wondering if this is all normal and
just need to be more patient. My dermatologist told me it can take a
few months to really know if it's working. Any comments would be

I don't think you can predict at what point your skin will clear when
on Accutane. The first two times I was on Accutane (1985 and 1993). my
skin cleared immediately. The third time (1998). it took 8 weeks for my
skin to clear (and by clear. I mean the cessation of all new activity.
not necessarily the complete healing of red marks from old activity).
I think the clearing can happen anytime during the course and sometimes
does not happen until after the completion of the course.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Skincare help please!

I seriously hope that someone can give me some advice. Is it best to
moisturise your skin or to dry it? Zineryt lotion
Panoxyl 5 and Panoxyl 10 and Panoxyl wash.
Dalacin T lotion - which made no difference and was very greasy looking
when applied.
Dalacin T solution - still made no difference.
Benzamycin gel - didn't really make a difference either :(
I also had a course of Roaccutane about 3 years ago. which initially
did make my skin alot worse but then it got better.
Over the past few weeks I have been using the following things -
Johnson and Johnson Clean & Clear Advantage Quick Clear Daily Treatment
wash only at night time. In the morning I just shave with an electric
razor then I wash my face with warm water.
At nightime I used to apply Johnson and Johnson Clean & Clear Advantage
Keep Clear Daily Treatment lotion and I was also using Johnson and
Johnson Clean & Clear Advantage Quick Clear daily treatment gel on any
individual spots to help dry them out alot quicker.
I had been getting the feeling that all of the Johnson and Johnson
Clean & Clear stuff has been drying my skin a little too much and
perhaps making it worse as spots. I have now changed. as of tonight
that is. Johnson's Gently Exfoliating Facial Wash and then moisturing
using Clinique Men's Moisturiser.
I have had skin problems for about 10 years now. I'm 25. If someone
could give me some advice as to whether I should be drying my spots or
moisturising. I'd be very grateful. I just can't seem to get shot of
them and my GP won't help as he thinks that I am fixated on them too
much :(

As one of the leading providers of skin care products and make-
up. We offer free articles on Cosmetics and skin care. make-up tips
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to buy anything from us to learn which products are better for you.

Skin tightening

I have lurked for months now and am posting for the first time. Be
gentle please. I am trying to find more information on Thermage. the
skin-tightening treatment. I can't really find anything on any
newsgroups so I thought I would just ask. Are the results better than
other cosmetic procedures like laser? I do not and I repeat do not want plastic surgery. my biggest fear is
recovering from surgery and looking like that cat woman.

As one of the leading providers of skin care products and make-
up. We offer free articles on Cosmetics and skin care. make-up tips
and skincare tips. free newsletters and a lot more. You do not have
to buy anything from us to learn which products are better for you.

Have anyone yet tired Colos'osmetics & skincare?
I have been for 2 months they are good... I no longer have I no longer
had problems with black heads. excess oil or pimples!

How to keep little bumps from becoming nodules?

The biggest problem I have with acne is that I'm constantly having
these large. round bumps that seem to originate from very. very deep
below the surface. I think these might be those "nodule" type of acne.
I don't have a problem with popping whiteheads. but I've never tried
lancing or popping these nodules before. because it seems so deep that
I fear I'll have to literally dig through thick layers of skin before I
get to the pus.
Topical treatment (benzoyl peroxide) seems to have absolutely no effect
on these things. The only thing I've been doing is helplessly waiting. and waiting... and watching as this little red mark
becomes a full-fledged nodule. Usually 2-3 weeks. the pus eventually
reaches the surface and forms a head. It bursts. and takes
another 2 weeks to heal. And then there would *still* be a little red
bump under the skin for a few more weeks.
I've gotten sick of this shit. Is there anything I can do to stop
these nodules from forming during the early stages of development? It
frustrates me that I can spot them so early. but can't do anything but
watch them grow into full fledged nodules.

A dermatologist (not my current one) told me that there is a powerful
anti-inflammatory cream that one can put on cysts to bring them down.
similar to getting them injected. It's prescription and must be used
sparingly and with great care (it can cause atrophy of the skin if used
If your derm is easily accessible. he/she can inject cysts to bring
them down. For several years in the 1980s. I used to get at least one
cyst injected per week. My derm at the time would inject them with some
sort of diluted corticosteroid. Most cysts went down somewhere between
a few hours to 24 hours after the injection.

Cosmetics & Skincare

As one of the leading providers of skin care products and
make-up. We offer free articles on Cosmetics and skin care. make-up tips
and skincare tips. free newsletters and a lot more. You do not have to
buy anything from us to learn which products are better for you.